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I think I will take it for real later because I am still in a competition mood right now. No, I haven't shed a tear in the past, so I don't think I will now. After the second throw, even if there's never 100% guarantee, I was pretty sure, it would hold for first.

I am very satisfied because I was absent for a year form high level sports. I dedicate this medal to my little daughter who was born 13 days ago. When I improved my result again on the sixth attempt I was so inspired by her. I did the throw from my heart and she gave me a lot of energy. I felt so strong then.

I totally did not expect a medal in this final. Before the competition, my goal was to reach the top 8. I did not know what my position was till the third series when I realized I was on 3rd place because of the change of order. I am so happy that I managed to show that also Japanese athletes can excel in javelin throw. Looking to the future - championships in 2011 and Olympics, I feel now confident that I have to fight for medals.