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Gold - Mbulaeni MULAUDZI, RSA

(to the audience): I like running here in Germany. All this was just crazy.
(to the media): The race was very good. I was in control of it. On the last 100m I said to myself: 'I am just going to pump my arms and give everything.' This time I knew that I was ready, ready for something great today. I was very positive that I could do this. My coach supported me and there were people who believed in me. I knew that nobody can pass me on the last 10m. I finally got the gold medal in the outdoor championships. I am so happy and grateful. I want to thank God. Now I have to look after my body and stay in good shape. I have been asking myself 'Why do I not get a gold medal at championships?' I spoke to my coach and manager about my plan for today. My wife told me to get out of problems in the race and to controll it. She told me that I better have a long kick on the last 200m. Me and Caster come from the same origins, from Limpoko.

Today, I was a bit more nervous than usual. I specialize most of my training on championships because I believe winning championships is a privilege for an athlete. I know the race is determined in the final 200 meters, but I was a little bit blocked with 300m to go. I had to kick from behind and I was a bit late. Mulaudzi deserves his title because he ran in front all the race.

I am very happy that I managed to win this medal because it is very hard to run 6 top races in less than 2 weeks. The pace of the race was OK, it was not too fast. I think that the 1500m race was much more difficult. It is very important that I got two medals at these championships becasue I think I surprised many people. I hope that now the people will not forget me and I hope that my name will be written in the book of history forever. That was the most important thing. I live in Verona so after a few more competitions in Europe, I will go to Italy.