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General News Winning thoughts from the medallists

Men's Javelin Throw Final

Gold MedallistPARVIAINEN, Aki (FIN)
"This has been the goal of the season, even though I haven't dared to say it. After I had secured my place for the last three rounds I decided that I am not leaving here without a medal. The fourth throw was already very good but I slightly lost my balance. The fifth one then was just as good as I was able to do today. I didn't throw the last one because I knew I couldn't get any further distance. I was quite aware the other two medalists were able to throw even farther, so I couldn't really believe in my victory until the last throw was done."
Silver Medallist - GATSIOUDIS, Kostas (GRE)
"I thought I was ready to win here tonight and wanted to throw well in the first round. It was a leading throw but I felt I still have a possibility to throw farther. I was also afraid that it wouldn't be enough for gold. Now I have very mixed feelings. The result is very good but I did come here as a favourite. At least it gives me hunger for Sydney. I was third in Athens, second here, I think it is time for gold in Sidney!"
Bronze Medallist - ZELEZNY, Jan (CZE)
"My problem at the moment is that I am still suffering from last year. It's difficult to come back from an injury, only time can heal these things. I know I am coming back, I still have my best years to come. Tonight I was throwing for a medal. In the future I hope to be throwing for gold again. This medal is a miracle. I thank my doctors, particularly those who operated on my shoulder. This support team gave me my energy tonight."