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Women's Marathon

Gold MedallistJONG, Song-Ok (PRK)
"Even when the leading group was still together at about two hours I was confident that I could break away successfully and take the gold. I imagined in my mind the image of our Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, and this inspired me today. This was the source of my power. Yes, I am a new marathon runner in the eyes of the rest of the world. Hopefully they will know me better in the future. What will I do with the 50,000 dollar prize money? That is a question for the future and not now."
Silver Medallist - Ichihashi, Ari (JPN)
"I wanted gold. However, though my face may have looked very confident inside I was tired and a little tense. I planned to follow Fatuma Roba throughout the race and though I was surprised such a large group was together so late on, I was pretty confident I could still get a medal. The Korean is a new name to me and when you don't know an athlete it is difficult to guess what their tactics would be. I am sure I will be very satisfied with my silver but I really did want the gold."
Bronze Medallist - SLAVUTEANU-SIMON, Lidia (ROM)
"It was an unexpected race because I had thought the second half would have been faster. It was a tough race in a way as there was a lot of pushing and elbowing along the road, some of which was intentional, I think. I did have slight stomach problems around the half way. It is something I have had earlier so it didn't upset me but because of this I couldn't follow as the three picked up the pace. Luckily I recovered and could speed up to capture the bronze."