Robert Cheruiyot wins 2003 Boston Marathon, (photo by Vinny Dusovic) © Copyright
General News

60:11 in inaugural Rotterdam Half

Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot ran the fastest half marathon time of the year with a winning performance of 60:11 at the inaugural running of the Rotterdam Half marathon on Sunday (12 Sep).

The race was held in Dutch port city in windy weather (5-6 m/sec) on a two lap course with start and finish location as the annual spring full distance event, the Fortis Marathon Rotterdam.

Cheruiyot, the 2003 Boston Marathon winner, commented afterwards that he could have broken the World record if the wind had not been so strong.

He was nearly two minutes ahead of his compatriot Wilson Kiprotich who clocked 62:00 for second. Another Kenyan, Robert Cheboror, was third in 62:31.

The women’s race was won by Lydia Chemjor who clocked 69:13. She also was a very clear winner. Magdeline Chemjor of Kenya came home second in 71:39. Moroccan Malika Asahssah was third in 73.48.

Wim Van Hemert for the IAAF

**The race held in Lisbon, Portugal - Rogers Rop 59:49 - has a drop of over 30 metres in the course.

Top Results -

1. Robert K. Cheruiyot  (KEN) 1.00.11 (fastest time of the year)
2. Wilson Kiprotich      (KEN) 1.02.00
3. Robert Cheboror      (KEN) 1.02.31
4. Philip Singoei          (KEN) 1.02.52
5. Felix Limo               (KEN) 1.03.09
6. Jonathan Kosgei      (KEN) 1.03.13
7. Mohammed Mourhit  (MAR) 1.03.14
8. José Martinez          (ESP) 1.03.17
9. Benson Mbithi          (KEN) 1.03.22
10. Luis Novo               (POR) 1.04.11

1. Lydia Cheromei        (KEN) 1.09.13
2. Magdeline Chemjor   (KEN) 1.11.39
3. Malika Asahssah      (MAR) 1.13.48
4. Susan Partridge        (GBR) 1.14.08
5. Kristijna Loonen        (NED) 1.15.45
6. Annelieke v.d. Sluijs  (NED) 1.16.20
7. Nadja Wijenberg        (NED) 1.16.33
8. Barbara Zutt              (NED) 1.16.55
9. Marta Fernandez       (ESP) 1.17.24
10. Tina Maria Ramos    (ESP) 1.17.32