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Japanese team for the World Half Marathon championships

The Japanese team for the 14th IAAF World Half Marathon championships in Edmonton, Canada (1 October) has been selected from the top finishers of the All JPN Corporate team Half Marathon Championships in March and Sapporo Half Marathon and Sendai Half Marathon in July. 

Name/Half Marathon PR/Qualifying race


Takayuki Matsumiya 1:01:32  2ndAll JPN Corporate team Half  
Toshihiro Iwasa         1:01:36  3rd All JPN Corporate Half 
Kazuo Ietani             1:01:30  4th Sendai Half 
                                            4th JPN Corporate team Half Takanobu Otsubo      1:01:55  6th All JPN Corporate team Half 
                                            12th Sapporo Half (2nd Japanese)
Yoshihiro Yamamoto 1:02:03  15th Sapporo Half (4th Japanese)


Terumi Asoshina      1:09:54 1st All JPN Corporate team Half
Akane Taira             1:10:26  2nd All JPN Corporate team Half
Yasuyo Iwamoto      1:09:45 2nd Sapporo Half 
Hiromi Ominami       1:08:45  6th Sapporo Half 
Yoko Yagi               1:11:02  7th Sapporo Half