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Istanbul 2012 - Flash Interviews - Men's 800m Final

Winner - Mohammed AMAN, ETH

It is championships race so I knew it would be slow. I positioned myself well and held on for the win. I am glad to add a 800m gold for Ethiopian athletics. I am inspired by so many great runners in my country. I am very young and have lots of ambitions for London. I don't know how I will celebrate, but I just want to thank Istanbul for this great championships.

Second - Jakub HOLUSA, CZE

Before the final, I couldn't sleep very well, because I was thinking so deeply about a medal, even the gold one. I thought if they start slowly, I'll just follow the pace. The competition was settled after 400m when the pace accelerated. Every second is important in such a race. Maybe I should have made my move a little bit earlier to be able to catch Aman. I'm a 800m-1500m runner, but this summer the 800m will be my main event.

Third - Andrew OSAGIE, GBR

Yesterday's semi-final gave me a lot of confidence, especially the last 120m. I knew I can kick it.

I am so happy! This is my first senior World championship final and I got a medal - great!

Concerning tactics, my coach told me 'Just be ready for everything' and he was right. Because the race was very slow. Yes, for some time it looked like I was out of the race because I was staying behind. But my trick was not to panic. Because from yesterday I knew that I could kick it on the last 150m.