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Istanbul 2012 - Flash Interviews - Women's 400m Semi Final


I am excited to have won and made it to the final. I think one race at a time. Having Sanya and me in the final? It would be sweet to win two medals for the US.


I have never run two 400m races on the same day in my life so I didn't know how my body would react. I now look forward to tomorrow. My goal is to break the American record, indoors and out. This is the perfect place to do it as I am sure it will be a fast race. I am also excited to have Natasha in the final.

I did not get a chance to see much of the city of Istanbul. All I did here was training, competing and sleeping. And as I am flying out first thing Monday morning, unfortunately I won't be able to see much more of Istanbul.


When I compare my two races - the heat and the semi-final - I have to say that they were not perfect. I tried to put myself at the second place after the first round. This is really a great result for me because I managed to beat many girls who have better PBs or SBs than me. Now I am going to get really a good sleep tonight to get some energy for tomorrow.