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Istanbul 2012 - Flash Interviews - Women's 400m Final


To be honest, I was a bit tired from yesterday's qualifying rounds. I'm happy that I came out and took the lead early. I didn't actually feel when the Russian got close to me. I'm happy that I didn't have to tweak my training programme much for the indoor season. It's a good test to see where my training is.

Second - Aleksandra FEDORIVA, RUS

Yesterday, it was not difficult for me to rest, it was very easy for me to recover, it did not take me a long time. Today I ran like I never ran before in my life, I never had a possibility before to run the 400m in a championship like this before. I thought very long about tactics and I knew that if I made only one mistake, then I would not grab a medal. I do not know yet which will be my next competition, my next championships. This race and this medal are very important for me because I have just started to run the 400m. In the next weeks to come I will decide if I will specialize in the 400m or stay with the 4x100m relay. I will make plans for my future.

Third - Natasha HASTINGS, USA

I feel good. My goal was to win a medal but the focus is still the summer. I changed coach two months ago so I am glad things still went well here. You will have to look out for team US in London. I want to rest and help my team in the relay tomorrow.