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General News La Coruña, Spain

$500,000 Race Walking pay day in La Coruña

Uniquely in the history of Race Walking, this year’s IAAF World Race Walking Cup which takes place this weekend in La Coruña, Spain, 13 – 14 May, coincides with the conclusion of the current season of the IAAF World Race Walking Challenge.

The Race Walking Challenge which was inaugurated in 2003, has until now always climaxed with the global championship of that season, whether the IAAF World Championships in Athletics (2003 & 2005) or the Olympic Games (2004).

However, the 2006 outdoor season has no individual global championships at its peak and so the 22nd IAAF World Race Walking Cup in La Coruña becomes the zenith of the race walking year on the world stage.

For this reason the weekend’s events have double the importance for many of the race walkers, and with this coincidence comes a substantial single pay day, the biggest in the discipline’s history. The total value of the prize money for the Cup (individuals $210,000; teams $157,500) and Challenge ($202,000) mounts to over half a million dollars ($569,500).

PRIZE MONEY on offer from the IAAF

NOTE. Senior races only; All figures in US dollars

22nd IAAF World Race Walking Cup

1st 30,000, 2nd 15,000, 3rd 10,000, 4th 7000, 5th 5000, 6th 3000

1st 15,000, 2nd 12,000, 3rd 9000, 4th 7500, 5th 6000, 6th 3000

IAAF Race Walking Challenge 2006

1st 30,000, 2nd 20,000, 3rd 15,000, 4th 10,000, 5th 8000, 6th 7000, 7th 6000, 8th 5000

NB. no team awards

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