Jodie Williams wins the Girls' 100m final (Getty Images) © Copyright
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15-year-old Jodie Williams takes sprint titles

Great Britain’s Jodie Williams, motivated by her surprised gold medal performance, wants to become a professional in the sport.

“I just want to carry-on, I want to make it my career eventually,” said the 15-year-old Williams.

Williams is mindful of injuries athletes sustained, but said in the years she hopes her feature will show significant progress.

But, added: “I definitely want to stay in athletics”.

Thursday’s 100m final stretched Williams’ winning streaks in finals to six, having not lost a final since 2007.

She was, however, happier with her first trip abroad, which brought her the gold medal in a personal best 11.39 seconds.

“Amazing,” was her first word after the race. “Another PB, wow, I am happy”.

“It’s (the win) very important, it’s such an amazing feel to have won....I did not come here expecting to win, so it’s a shock,” said Williams, who attends the Queenswood school in Hertfordshire.

“I honestly didn’t think I would have done better than what I did in the semis,” she said of her semi-final run of 11.40.

 Having said that, Williams believes the hard work put in by her this year, was what paid off in the final.

“I worked incredible for this season, especially since my 100m was going well,” she added while saying “It’s four tough rounds!”

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