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Boys’ 100m Final – Flash Interviews

Gold medalO'Dail TODD (JAM) 10.51

"I feel very good! I just focused on the start, which helped me to be the top 1. The Japanese runner who ran also very fast pushed me to the best."

Bronze medal - Michael-Meba ZEZE (FRA) 10.57

"I had to battle to win this bronze medal. It is a great result for me and I hope it is the beginning of a great career. I failed my start but I gave all at the end of the race. I stayed relaxed after the bad start. There was a great atmosphere. The spectators in the stadium, who were more than yesterday, supported me a lot. They helped me during all the race. Now, I focus on the 200 metres, which starts tomorrow. I hope to be in the final. Step by step...

I didn't do anything special to prepare these championships. But this training with my coach was very intensive".