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Boys Shot Put Final

Germany's David Storl threw a World Youth Leading 21.40 metres to win the first gold medal of the 5th IAAF World Youth Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic today.

In an impressive display, Strol, in six throws, maintained a mark above 20 metres. He opened with 20.79m, and though that mark was not challenged, he stretched it further on his second attempt to the winning distance of 21.40m.

With his sixth visit to the ring, he went 21.30m, and in the end, was the only of the 12 throwers not to record a distance less than 20m, which demonstrated that his power and technique were superior to the others.

Storl, who is the first German thrower to win the 5kg shot put event, came close to breaking Liu Feng of China's 2003 record of 21.45m.
Marin Premeru of Croatia was by far the second best, and his 20.42m justified that claim, while Dmytro Savytskyy of Ukraine took the bronze position with 20.15m.