Kendall Baisden in the 400m at the IAAF World Junior Championships, Oregon 2014 (Getty Images) © Copyright
Report Eugene, USA

Report: women’s 400m – IAAF World Junior Championships, Oregon 2014

Gilda Casanova of Cuba and Kendall Baisden of the USA arrived in the homestretch of the women’s 400m final almost even, but it was Baisden who had enough left to scratch her way to the lead and take the victory.

Baisden’s title-winning time was 51.85. Casanova held on to second in 52.59. Baisden’s team-mate, Olivia Baker, pulled clear of the pursuing row to take bronze in 53.00.

The three medallists were each heats and semi-finals winners, so this was the first time Casanova and Baker had been defeated at this championships.

Baisden’s 50.46 from May stands as the fastest junior mark of the year. She also kept the world junior 400m title on US soil, following Ashley Spencer’s victory in 2012.

Parker Morse for the IAAF