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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Men's High Jump Final

WinnerAndrei CHURYLA, BLR
To be frank I did not expect this result. I am really happy because this is the first time I get a medal and it is unexpected to me. During the last attempts I was praying my competitors do not jump higher. I thank my personal coach V.Kourdyuk and my family who were there to support me and did a hard job. The next step is Olympics in London.

Second - Falk WENDRICH, GER
I am very, very proud. My idol is Dietmar Moegenburg, the Olympic Champ from 1984. And today I broke the German Youth Record held by Moegenburg since 1978 in Goettingen with 2,23 m. This year I was introduced to Dietmar. I bettered my personal best today from 2,20 m to 2,24 m.In two years I am still Junior and can compete in Eugene. My goal is to win the gold medal in 2014.

Third - Ryan INGRAHAM, BAH
My competition was pretty good, although I was aiming to get the gold medal. I had some problems with my technic. I am focused now on London Olympics, where my goal is to reach the final. Therefore I will have to jump 2.31, which could me a perfect atmosphere to break my current personal best (2.28)