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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Women's 200m Final

WinnerAnthonique STRACHAN, BAH
That never happened before in the history of my country. I'll come back with two Gold medals in the 100 m and the 200 m. That will change my life and I can't imagine the atmosphere when I'll be back home.

Second - Olivia EKPONE, USA
I was going for 23.00 in this competition. However, I am happy with 23.15 because it is my personal best and the silver medal as well. 200 metres is my favourite race and I have been doing athletics for a really early age that I could not even exactly tell what my exact age was. My key to success is just a good preparation, good warm-up and make the most of coach advices. I am training in Texas and my futures goals are to become a champion in college and qualify for 2016 Olympics.

Third - Dezerea BRYANT, USA
I am happy to achieved my goal.The weather was different where we train because today is windy.I have been doing trank&field since ten years old.I am studying in Crimson University and my coach is Mr.Hall