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Men's 4x100m Relay final - Flash Interviews


Charles SILMON

We’re feeling real good. Our feet kind of hurt right now because it’s so hot on the track out there.

[Before the race] we prayed, and we were talking about it the whole weekend. We wanted to try to go 38 seconds, try to break the record, or at least win. And that’s what we came out with.

They said, Jamaica’s going to come out with it, that’s what they thought, Jamaica’s going to come out and win it, but [we won].

We knew we had the speed, but we had to work on the sticks and get the stick around the track, and that’s what we did. It felt real good [coming down the homestretch].


Our ladies delivered first, though. They gave us motivation.

Dexter LEE (JAM), anchor leg - SILVER MEDAL - 39.55 (SB)

I’m really happy. Thank God we got a medal. I’m really proud of myself to know that I got two medals at the World Juniors.

I think I ran decently. I just did what I have to do and ran decently and came second.

I’m not sure [what I’ll do next].

Shermund ALLSOP (TRI) - BRONZE - 39.72 (SB)

We did the best we could do. We had a season’s best so I think the team is satisfied with that. Even though we didn’t win gold, we still got a medal. We’re okay with this one.

I saw that there was a guy that stepped into Sabian’s lane on the backstretch so he had to kind of slow up but he maintained his leg well.

It was a very good experience here (in Moncton).


It was all about executing and running, really. Probably not being able to get the baton through. It was still a good effort but, you know, this happens in a relay.
Still, making a relay final at the World Junior Championships is an achievement.

I wouldn’t say the women [not finishing] had an effect on us.

Jordan HUGGINS, lead-off leg (GBR) – DNF

It’s a team effort, but my legs kind of went, and by the time I got to Danny, he was gone.
He was running fast. So I feel I kind of let the team down because we had so much ability and so much potential.
I take full responsibility for that.

Danny TALBOT, second leg (GBR) – DNF

I don’t know, I’m not sure if I went early. I thought I went on the mark, but I don’t know.