IAAF Scholarship Programme

The IAAF has set the goal that there should be at least one athlete from each Member Federation capable of achieving the Entry Standard for the IAAF World Championships.

This is an ambitious objective considering the level of the performances to be achieved and the fact that just under half of the IAAF Member Federations have yet to achieve this level of performance.

Athletes deemed to have a chance to achieve the Entry Standard in an event will be offered one of 3 programmes:

 1. Short Term programme - Those who are close to the set objective and could benefit from short term preparation (3 months duration).

 2. Medium Term programme - Designed for athletes who have the potential to achieve the Entry Standard with one year of specific preparation (one year duration).

 3. Long Term programme - Athletes currently under the age of 23 who obviously need longer to achieve the Entry Standard (maximum of two years duration).

In all three programmes, the IAAF will ensure access to adequate facilities, coaching and competition as detailed below.

IAAF scholarship holders are obliged to take up their scholarships at IAAF institutions, either IAAF High Performance Training Centres (HPTCs) or IAAF Accredited Training Centres (ATCs).

The Member Federation should also agree to training/preparation of the athlete as determined by the IAAF Centre.

You will find on the right hand side column a downloadable ‘pdf’ file with a detailed description of the IAAF Scholarship Programme, including HPTC Entry Standards and Application Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications may only be made by IAAF Member Federations. Individual athletes, coaches or other interested parties should contact their national federation for further information.