Allyson Felix at an L.A. Dodgers baseball game (Kirby Lee) © Copyright

Allyson Felix - understanding the importance of patience

After a difficult experience over 400m in Rome, Allyson Felix talks about the need to trust in your training plan, and the honour of pitching at an L.A. Dodgers baseball game.

“Hi everybody.
“I just ran the 400m in the Golden Gala in Rome (10 July). I finished fifth in 50.94 and it was very difficult.
“I felt good going into it, but when I tried to turn my legs over to sprint they just weren't there.  I'm still satisfied that I was able to get the training aspect of it in although I didn't perform the way I would have liked.
“All of the rest of my meets before the World Championships will be to work on speed.  The meets I'm taking part in between now and Berlin are all to prepare me to be able to put my race together in August. 
“I will run the 100m in the Meeting Areva in Paris (17 July), Rethymno (20 July) and the Aviva London Grand Prix (24-25 July) and the 200m in the DN Galan in Stockholm (31 July).
“I decided to run both the 100m and 200m at the USATF Nationals because I wanted to train through the meet and get a lot of speed work in. I hadn't run any 100's prior to nationals so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.  I also wanted to work on my 200m as well and by doing the rounds it provided me a chance to focus on different technical aspects during the rounds.
“I won the 200m but didn’t advance to the final in the 100m. I wasn't too pleased with my performance in the 100m but it showed me my areas of weakness and what I need to focus on between now and Worlds.  I was satisfied with my 200m final but I definitely have areas I need to improve upon in order to be successful in Berlin.
“I have gained a lot of experience going into my fourth World Championship. I now understand the importance of patience and trusting in your training plan for the year. I am definitely more relaxed now but I feel my excitement and passion for the sport remains the same.
“When I came home from the U.S. nationals I had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at an L.A. Dodgers baseball game which was definitely a lot of fun. I wore a Dodgers jersey with the No. 22 – the number that I had when I played basketball in high school.
“Being an L.A. girl and around the Dodgers all my life, it was really a special moment to think back and realize how far I have actually come. 
“Thanks for reading and your support throughout the season.”