Allyson Felix congratulates Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown after finishing second in Beijing (Getty Images) © Copyright

Allyson Felix welcomes suggestions for holiday destination

Double World champion Allyson Felix reflects after winning silver at the Olympic Games in Beijing and finishing on a high note in Zürich. After a very long season, the 22-year-old American is now ready for a vacation…

"Hi Everyone
"The Olympics are over and I've just run my last race of the season in Zürich.
"I have mixed emotions now that the Olympics are over. I experienced a range of emotions while in China - disappointment, frustration, happiness, and joy. Overall I am very thankful for my experience. The end result wasn't exactly what I had planned but more importantly it was what God had planned.
"My initial reaction after finishing second in the 200m was disappointment. Having put in a tremendous amount of hard work over a four-year span it is difficult to end up in the same position that I was in 2004.

“I felt my conditioning was good and that I was prepared. My preparation this year was much more intense than 2004. I am much more mature and stronger than 2004 so I was able to handle a much more demanding work load.

“But if I could do this year over again, I would change a few things in my preparation. I would have allowed myself more time to rest after the U.S. Trials and come into the Olympics more race-sharp.
"I was very excited to be a part of the 4x400m relay and to win an Olympics gold medal. It feels completely different from a World Championship medal because it was at the biggest competition for our sport.

“My Olympic medals will go with all the rest of my previous medals at my parents' home.

"It was a rough year for me but I'm very grateful for the opportunity I had in Beijing and will cherish it.

"I still had an amazing experience at this Olympics. I enjoyed the village, meeting people and having my family to share it all with.

“Overall, I think one of the greatest highlights of my time in Beijing was watching my friend and team-mate Dawn Harper win gold in the 100m Hurdles. She had a very hard year and to see everything come together for her was an incredible feeling.

"Thanks to everybody for all their support.

“Now, I am ready for a vacation, I haven't finalized my plans but I want to go somewhere by the water and relaxed.

“If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email at