Natalya Dobrynska of Ukraine throws the Javelin in Talence (Lorenzo Sampaolo) © Copyright

Dobrynska working hard towards Gotzis season opener

Olympic Heptathlon champion Natalia Dobrynska finishes her season preparations and enjoys the beautiful spring in the Crimea.

“Hi everyone,

“I am now in full training, and it seems 24 hours a day are not enough for me, so many things I want to do on and off the track! As you may know, I’ll open my season in Gotzis on 30-31 May. There is not much time left, and maybe this final stage of my training is one of the most important.

“I am doing two training sessions a day and follow my usual plan of season preparations. Also as usual, there are some minor health problems – but who of the athletes can say that he is 100 percent healthy? It is our life, and as for me, up to now I am fully satisfied with how my training is going.

“Actually the meet in Gotzis in some aspects will be a decisive one. If I manage to score good points there, I am going to continue my season competing in separate events. I believe it will be good to make two or three more meets before the World Championships.

“I am also not sure if I’ll have to qualify for Berlin. Maybe I’ve earned the right for some privileges. Actually, I don’t think our coaches will be too strict with me and make me compete at the national trials. But if it is still required – ok, I am ready to prove my right to be on the team for the World Champs! And again, much will depend on my result in Gotzis. If it’s good enough, it will give confidence not only for me, but also for the team officials.

“Maybe I sounded too serious up to now, but you know, life is still great and I find time to enjoy it! I am now in the training camp in Crimea, in Yalta. It is our regular place for training, and I love it. I think anyone would be envious if he could see how beautiful it is here right now.

“The trees are all green, and so many flowers around, and even the air in spring I believe smells differently. I love nature, this beautiful landscape inspires to work hard. I just look out of the window, and understand that I really want it – go out to the track and make my body stronger.

“Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I like also autumn, when leaves are getting red but there is still the smell of summer in the air. Maybe it’s strange that I like both spring and autumn, like the beginning and the end of it, but that’s me.

“It is now already warm in Crimea, and the seaside is quite close, but don’t think that I am lying on the beach instead of training. No, up to now relaxing on the beach is not on my agenda. I am not too depressed about that, I am training under the sun and still get a nice sun burn.

“It seems I am talking about different celebrations in my every diary entry, but what to do – I have something to celebrate! Recently we had a gala evening organized by the Ukrainian Athletics Federation – “Athina-2008”. I was awarded as a Female athlete of the year, and a Male athlete of the year became a pole vaulter Denis Yurchenko. 

“I think this last ceremony was in a way special for me. It was like meeting old friends, gathering together with all our athletics family. The atmosphere there was so warm that it really felt like a family. I am in good relationship with many Ukrainian athletes, but you know, usually we have different training schedules and training camps, and so don’t see much of each other. This annual ceremony is a nice chance to catch up with everyone.

“I know some athletes say that true friendship in sports is impossible. I don’t share this point of view. Among my friends are 800m runner Tatyana Petlyuk, discus thrower Natalya Fokina, pole vaulter Natalya Kushch. I have very nice relationship with top Ukrainian pole vaulters and jumpers… No, I don’t think that sports can spoil friendship. At least for me this does not work. I manage to separate things, and stay in good relationship with everyone.

“I think that’s it for now, and I will go and get ready for my training,

“Till next time,”