Allyson Felix and Joanna Hayes at the USC-UCLA dual meet (Kirby Lee) © Copyright
Series Three

Felix eagerly awaiting Diamond League opener in Doha

time World 200m champion Allyson Felix recently enjoyed some important family celebrations and a visit to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers, and is now eagerly looking forward to returning to Doha for the start of the IAAF Diamond League.
“Happy Mother’s Day!
“This Mother's day was very special for my family. Not only did we celebrate our appreciation for my amazing mom Marlean but it will also be my dad Paul’s graduation.  
“He is graduating from The Master's Seminary.  He has been seriously working on it for a couple of years.  This past year he has made the most sacrifices working extremely late hours and long weeks, having to miss events and really having no free time.  
“We had a reception with lots of friends and families to celebrate.  For all his hard work, my mom and dad left the next day on a 3-week trip to Israel.
“Unfortunately, they will not be able to come to Doha to watch me run the 400m in the first IAAF Diamond League meet while they are taking a tour of the Holy Land.
“My goal in the 400m this year is to run a pr and become more comfortable in consistent at this distance.  I still feel like I have so much to learn about the 400m and I hope that this year will help me.
“I am competing in 8 Diamond League races this year.  The Diamond League will announce the schedule on a meet by meet basis.  So far besides Doha, they have announced that I will participate in the Aviva London Grand Prix.
“I'm really looking forward to the Diamond League this year. I'm happy to be one of their ambassadors.  I love how the Diamond League includes all events.  I remember always wanting to take part in the Golden League but usually my event wasn't included. This should be a really fun year!
“ I had a blast at the USC-UCLA dual meet (on 1 May).  As a USC alumnus, it was great to see USC win on both the women and men's side for the first time at UCLA. My UCLA teammates love to give me a hard time, especially Joanna Hayes but it's fun going back and forth with them about what the better school is.
“Also, I recently just got back from Capitol Hill, where I spoke in support of the Healthy School Meals Act.  It is a bill that would give students in school a healthy meal in the cafeteria instead of the unhealthy choices they are provided with now.
“I met with different members of Congress to encourage them to also support the bill.  It was really a great experience and children are always a cause that is close to my heart."