Usain Bolt at game 5 of the NBA finals in Boston (Ricky Simms) © Copyright

On the mend, Bolt passes time with the World Cup until next race in Lausanne

Sidelined in June with a minor injury, Samsung Diamond League Ambassador Usain Bolt has been keeping up with the FIFA World Cup but is also eager to get back on the track on 8 July at the Athletissma Samsung Diamond League fixture in Lausanne

"Well not too much has happened since my last IAAF diary entry.  I ran the 300 metres in the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava and clocked 30.97 seconds. It was the 2nd fastest time ever and the fastest at sea level. 

"Ostrava is one of my favourite meets, the people are always very welcoming and I enjoy going back there every year.  Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us this year. It rained so hard that I think it slowed down the times on the track. The fans were great though, as they stayed until the end of the meet.
"Unfortunately I picked up a slight Achilles tendon injury and had to miss the Smsung Diamond League meeting in New York.  I received treatment from the famous Dr. Hans Mueller-Wohlfhart in Munich before coming back to Jamaica.
"I think a lot of people know that I am a big football and basketball fan.  I went to Boston to watch game 5 of the NBA Finals and saw the Boston Celtics convincingly beat the LA Lakers.  Unfortunately we didn’t do as well in the last quarter of game 7 but it was a great match up.
"I have also been watching a lot of the World Cup football from South Africa.  There have been some surprising results – the South American teams are doing well but it was a shock to see Italy and France go out of the tournament so early.  There has been no stand out player yet but hopefully we will see some good skill in the knockout stage of the tournament.  I support Argentina and they are looking good right now.
"I am scheduled to compete in Athletissima in Lausanne on July 8 and I am looking forward to doing well.
"One Love,"