Asafa Powell dominates in Doha (Jiro Mochizuki) © Copyright

Powell spends his down time sprucing up his speed - on his cars

World 100m bronze medallist, Asafa Powell, one of history's fastest men and a Samsung Diamond League Ambassador, continues to prepare for faster moves, not only on the track, but on wheels while on the roads.

“The month of September I was pretty much grounded, because of the flooding in Jamaica. I was only allowed to go out twice, spoiling most of the out of town flex and beach moves I wanted to make, but I was able to accomplished something being grounded inside my house. I got some time to work on my house and my cars.
“During the month of September, I bought a new turbo kit for one of my five cars, and installed it. Now that I installed a new turbo kit, I am now in possession of a faster Mitsubishi Evolution... that was the aim; I am always trying to go faster, even though we don’t have roads to drive fast cars. But we Jamaicans always manage to find someway, somehow to drive fast.
“I also like to hear the sound of loud mufflers as most of my cars have that sound.
“People may be wondering, ‘Is Asafa a mechanic?’ The answer is no, but I do all the work by myself. But if there was something I cannot manage, I would always call someone. I am not a mechanic, but I am just a guy who knows how to fix up cars and work on cars... just on my own time.

“Several of my friends would always come to me for help, but most times I don’t have the time to do it, so I would advice them, where to go and what to do and expect.

?“If you are wondering about my other four cars, they are Mercedes-Benz and Acura, along with two trucks - Toyota Tundra and Yukon Denali.
“In my next diary, I will talk about my first few weeks at training and my health, so until then, bye."