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Season underway but track isn't the only thing on her mind

3 February 2010Her first race of the season under her belt after taking second at the Millrose Games at the end of January, Veronica Campbell Brown’s 2010 season is underway. But with the earthquake in Haiti causing thousands of deaths and suffering, track and field is not the only thing on her mind.

"Another month and here I am again!

"Things have settled down a bit for me now as there has been a sort of lull in traveling, engagements and bad weather. The weather has been quite a challenge as it has forced a lot of improvised training.

"The past month also forced everyone’s attention to turn to Haiti, a nation that suffered badly from an earthquake.

"This was particularly startling for me as Haiti is geographically quite close to Jamaica!

"I will speak more on the Haitian situation at a later date.

"I was in Jamaica for a quick stop to attend the Jamaica’s Sportsman and Woman 2009 Awards. Usain and Bridgette were the worthy winners.

"I also had what for me was the pleasure of being a keynote speaker at Titans Track Club’s Breakfast of Champions. Titans is the youth club of my coach Anthony Carpenter. I actually spoke from excerpts from my book “A Better You – Inspirations for Life’s Journey” and it was well received. Incidentally, my book is now available at Barnes and Noble.

"I had my first race of the indoor season and actually first in four years at the Millrose Games in NY. It was so cold in NY; any idea I had of shopping there was quickly dashed when I felt the brutal winds. I was glad to get this race “under my belt” as it was necessary to see how I put in place the things that I am working on.

"Training is one thing, however, racing is the real thing. In competitions, you experience things that you just cannot simulate in practice.

"I am looking forward to the rest of the indoor season and will keep you updated.

"Until next time,