67.63m launch by Barbora Spotakova in Budapest (Hasse Sjogren / DECA Text&Bild) © Copyright

Spotakova adjusting to training with new coach Zelezny – IAAF Online Diaries

In her latest IAAF Online Diary, Samsung Diamond League Ambassador Barbora Spotakova discusses, among other things, working with her new coach, Javelin Throw legend Jan Zelezny. Next on her agenda: warm weather training in Lanzarote and shopping for a new BMW motorcycle.

“It is now a month since I started training with my new coach, Jan Zelezny, and today I am very tired!

"We began with a visit to the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic, and we worked very hard there. I think I have learned maybe 100 new exercises.

"Rudolf Cerny has been my coach for 11 years, and I am very grateful to him for all he has done for me. But at the end of this season, after I had won the Samsung Samsung Diamond League event in Zurich, I decided I needed to change.

"I seemed to have been injured more often in the last year, and I had a problem with my elbow throughout the season. My training now involves complete body training, not just working on some parts of it.

"It’s really exciting working with Jan and his group. In the past I have worked with maybe one or two other throwers, but now I am in a bigger group where there are three guys who have thrown over 84 metres, including Petr Frydrych.

"I can help them with the running, because my running abilities are better than theirs, and they help me with the lifting and powerlifting exercises.

"It has been a huge change for me. Jan explains the technique of every exercise we do. He always tells you what the object of the exercise is, and how to do it, and you have to really concentrate on what you are doing.  So it’s really good, but it is also tiring learning so many new things.

"Before my training began, my boyfriend Lukas and I spent two weeks in Hungary, where we visited the thermal baths. It was very beautiful.

"One of the reasons I travel to Hungary is because no one recognises me there, so it is more relaxing. If I go out in Prague people recognise me very often, so you are always saying hi to people, which is very nice – but not very relaxing!

"I was very pleased recently to be voted the Czech Republic’s track and field athlete of the year for the fourth year running. Roman Sebrle won it five times in a row before me, and before him it was won seven times in a row - by Jan.

"It’s getting really cold here now – but in December our group will be travelling for some warm-weather winter training in Lanzarote. I am looking forward to that!

"In the meantime I have passed my test to ride a motorcycle – with no problems. Now I have to decide which one to buy, although I am going to wait until Spring. But I am thinking that I will get myself a big BMW bike – something designed for travelling long distances…"