Andreas Thorkildsen on the eve of the World Athletics Gala (Phillipe Fitte) © Copyright

Thorkildsen goes to San Diego to escape the cold of Norway - IAAF Online Diaries

After enjoying a weekend in Monaco for the World Athletics Gala, World, Olympic and European Javelin Throw champion and Samsung Diamond League Ambassador Andreas Thorkildsen headed to the sunny climes of southern California for some warm-weather training.??

"Hi everyone,

??"I'm writing from the Olympic Training Centre in San Diego, where I'll be for a week or two to get in some quality training. It's good to get away from the -20°C temperatures of Norway, because that's really too cold for me. The Norwegian weather doesn't affect my training too much because I tend to do most of my training indoors, but the facilities here in San Diego are really good. I came here for the first time earlier in 2010 and really liked it, so we decided to return.??

"I started my winter training last month and so far everything is going well and working the way I want it to. At the moment my training is simply a lot of everything - it's a pretty tough time of year, but I don't mind that. I like the fact that an athlete's year goes through different stages - from the tough winter training, to the hectic summer competition schedule - so I try to enjoy everything.

??"One of the most enjoyable nights of the year for athletes is the IAF Gala, which was held a few weeks ago in Monaco. I was fortunate enough to be named among the top five male athletes of 2010, which was quite a big honour. It was also good to take time out to meet and talk to all the other athletes and catch up with them, because you don't always get the chance to do that when the season is in full swing.??

"I have been featured in the latest edition of L'uomo Vogue (the men's version of Vogue magazine in Italy), which is pretty cool. The photoshoot took place in Oslo earlier in the summer and I'm pleased with how the pictures came out. It's easy work - you pretty much just have to show up and stand there while they take pictures, but little things like that help break up the season.

??"In just under two weeks I'll be heading back to Norway in time for Christmas. Until then..."??