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IAAF Athletes Commission declares 'absolute support' for proposed governance structure reforms

In a statement issued on Sunday, the IAAF Athletes Commission declared its full support for proposed governance structure reforms that will be addressed during a special IAAF Congress in Monaco on Saturday, 3 December.

"In our minds, the future of our sport depends upon athletics restructuring and moving forward as one of the leading global sports, with a governing body that is accountable, transparent, robust, flexible and representative of our sport," read a statement distributed through social media channels by Commission Chairman Rozle Prezelj of Slovenia.

"One where the ethics, integrity and well-being of the athletes is a fundamental and non-negotiable principle and is duly protected. Very importantly, one where the athletes' voices are heard, respected and represented at all levels of the sport, including the highest level."

Commission members believe that the reforms will "set and enforce higher ethical standards and enable athletics to regain the credibility and trust it deserves".

Furthermore, the statement reads, "We believe (reform) takes huge strides towards better serving and protecting the rights of all those who take part in and follow our sport."


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