A general view of the IAAF Centenary Exhibition at the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sport Museum in Barcelona (Getty Images) © Copyright
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New department to be created – IAAF Heritage

As announced in today’s press release, the IAAF is establishing a new department: ‘IAAF Heritage’.

The department’s goal will be to better employ athletics’ history, its heroes and heroines, their artefacts and the documents, video and photographs that portray them, to engage with the stars and fans of the present and future.

The core concept is based around the creation of a historic collection of athletics memorabilia associated with iconic athletes, their performances and major competitions and events in the history of athletics which will augment the document and video archive already held by the IAAF. This combined collection will form the basis of a travelling exhibition which will visit IAAF competitions, with the medium to long term aim of establishing a permanent museum for the sport in Monaco near to the IAAF HQ.

Working with established IAAF projects such as Athlete Ambassadors and the annual Athletics Awards Night, IAAF Heritage will endeavour to put the feats of athletics’ glorious history into context, making the connection between a sport born nearly three thousand years ago with the millennials of today.

Chris Turner, who has been with the IAAF since 2002 and is currently Deputy Director of the Communications Department-PR, will be taking the new position as Director of IAAF Heritage, launching the department in January 2018.