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Iaaf News Beijing, China

IAAF/Nestlé Kids' Athletics course underway in Beijing

The IAAF/Nestlé lecturers’ course for Kids’ Athletics in China is currently taking place in Beijing.

The course, which began on 26 March, will run through 28 March. It has already attracted large audiences: 36 candidates representing 16 Chinese provinces have taken part in the activities.

Once properly trained, each candidate will be in charge of organising a training course for a minimum of 24 physical education teachers or coaches to teach the Kids’ Athletics programme and introduce it to the schools of their respective provinces.

The opening ceremony took place in the presence of a representative of the Chinese Athletic Association and the local representative of Nestlé. Both attended the Kids’ Athletics competition which was held in a primary school. At the end of the competition, each of the 48 young participants received a Certificate of Attendance.

This course, hosted by Beijing's Regional Development Centre, is conducted by Malek El-Hebil, IAAF Senior Manager, and Yingbo Zhang, the Regional Development Centre's Education Manager.