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Leroy Walker, former TAC President, dies aged 93

Dr Leroy T. WALKER (USA) (b. 14 Jun 1918) died on 23 April 2012 at the age of 93 in Durham, NC. Coach at North Carolina Central University, he was chairman of the AAU men’s track and field committee 1973-6 and the coordinator of coaching assignments for the AAU and TAC (forerunner to USATF) 1973-80. He coached track teams of five nations at Olympic Games 1960-72, before being head coach to the US Olympic track and field team in 1976.

Walker was TAC President 1984-8 and later served as senior vice-president for sport of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. He also served as President (the first African-American to do so) of the U.S. Olympic Committee 1992-6. He received degrees from Benedict College and Columbia University and a PhD in biomechanics from New York University in 1957.

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