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50 kilos of gold for IAAF Golden League Jackpot

Paris Golden League meeting moves to Stade de France

20 March 2000 - Monte Carlo - The Working Group of the IAAF Golden League met yesterday in Vilamoura, Portugal, following the 28th IAAF World Cross Country Championships.

It was agreed that the Working Group will present the following recommendations to the IAAF Council at its meeting in Paris on 2-3 April:

The original concept of the IAAF Golden League Jackpot should be maintained and, for the year 2000, the Jackpot will consist of 50 kilos of gold ingots.

To qualify for all or a share of the IAAF Golden League Jackpot, the athletes in contention must win their IAAF Golden League event in all six of the meetings in which the event is staged.

The IAAF Golden League Paris meeting will change its venue to the Stade de France and the date of the meeting will be moved to 23 June.