Konstadínos Kedéris (GRE) running in the newly renovated Olympic stadium in Athens (Getty Images) © Copyright
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Athens - IAAF Delegates very satisfied

The three Technical Delegates appointed by the International Association of Athletics Federations to oversee the Olympic Games athletics competition have expressed their complete satisfaction with the conduct of the Greek National Track and Field Championships held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens over the past three days.  Mr Cesar Moreno Bravo (Mexico), Mr Bill Bailey (Australia) and Mr Jorge Salcedo (Portugal) were in Athens specifically to observe the conduct of the Championships.

In commenting on the Championships which were organised by ATHOC as a test event for the Olympic Games, the IAAF Delegates first expressed their delight at the enormous progress made in the redevelopment of the Olympic Stadium and the surrounding area.  The Delegates stated:  “Although we acknowledge that there is some work still to be completed, our overall impression is very positive indeed.  The competition arena within the Olympic Stadium and the adjoining warm up areas in the OAKA complex have undergone a massive transformation since our last visit in March 2004 and we are confident that they will provide first class facilities for the Olympic athletics competition.”

In terms of the organisation and conduct of the Greek National Championships by the ATHOC Athletics Department, the Technical Delegates were also more than satisfied.  “Clearly the unfinished state of the venues and the continuing construction made things a little difficult for organisers and officials but nevertheless the competition was conducted competently and without major incident.  We are happy to advise that we will continue to work with our ATHOC colleagues to make minor revisions to procedures and to add the final polish to the way in which the competition is to be presented to the world in August.”

Finally Moreno, Bailey and Salcedo said: “For the final weeks of preparations for the Olympic athletics competition it is our heartfelt desire that all who are involved in putting together what will be the centerpiece of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games – the athletics competition – will  work together co-operatively to ensure the best possible outcome.”