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Atletismo Español - issue 500

Atletismo Español, the magazine of the Spanish Athletics Federation (or Real Federación Española de Atletismo) was first published in February 1951 and has just published its 500th issue. As one might expect, this is a landmark edition and especially interesting: it contains the history of Spanish athletics which, during these 47 years, has often been the history of world athletics, right up to the double victory of Abel Anton and Martin Fiz in Athens '97.
Not only: Spain has become one of the countries which has organised major international athletics competitions with the greatest frequency and success, from the 1981 World Cross Country Championships in Madrid to the country's current preparations for the 7th World Championships in Athletics, which will be held in Seville at the end of August 1999.

Atletismo Español has played a fundamental role in the development of the athletics culture. Without such a magazine as the repository of emotions and memories, this growth would have been impossible. It is only right, in this context, that we recall the names of the publication's two founders: Dr José Manuel Perez, President of the Real Federación Española de Atletismo, and Pedro Escamilla. Some of the new generation of journalists may know nothing about don Pedro: the older ones among us can count ourselves lucky. Lucky to have worked on innumerable occasions, in press stands around the world, alongside don Pedro Escamilla.