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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Men's 200m Final

WinnerDelano WILLIAMS, TKS
Despite my disappointing start, I said to myself YOU CAN and I did my best in the last 50 metres. I cannot explain how happy I am.

Now people know my country. I am proud of it. I have a twin sister but she doesn't practice track and field. I train myself in Kingston Jamaica, that is a good opportunity for training with very good sprinters.

Second - Aaron ERNEST, USA
I feel great, just broke my personal record. At the same time I am quite tired; it has been six races and tomorrow I have the 4x100 final. After the Championships I am going to take rest for a couple of months. Actually this is a bit disappointing I had two second places, but this makes me motivated for the next year.

Third - Tyreek HILL, USA
My legs are killing me.I am very tired but I am happy to get to bronze medal.I have been training only one year and I got the bronze medal.This is awesome.My coach Chris Asher.Now season is totally over for me and I want to go to my hometown Pearson to decide my university and want to have some rest.