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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Men's Decathlon

FirstGunnar NIXON, USA
I cannot find words to describe how I am feeling: I am very, very happy.This is only my fifth decathlon so I need training and work and attend more competitions and I will improve. I was expecting 8,200 points but I have won and I am proud of going on the US's decathlon tradition... The best moment has been the last 100m because I already knew that I was the winner

Second - Jake STEIN, AUS
Australia will have a great team in decathlon for the next years. Cedric is fourth and is only 17 years old, and I am silver medalist tonight.This competition between us push up each other to the top level.

Third - Tim DEKKER, NED
This is awesome.This is incredible to meet with this guys.I want to cry.I will try to keep on decathlon.Now I need to get ready for the one more decathlon in Holland then I will have my holiday in my hometown Gouda.I aim to do my better in the future and I want to be the best all over the world as my idol Roman Sebrle.