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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Women's 100m Final

WinnerAnthonique STRACHAN, BAH
Because of my injuries I was not sure about my success. When you are through to the finals you are planning everything step by step and the hungriest one gets it. My team is very supportive and they helped a lot with all time keeping such as warming-up. Moreover, I hope to win in 200 metres as well. I am really happy with my coaching team. I have moved to train in the USA last year and I am really happy about this move.

Second - Nimet KARAKUS, TUR
I dont have words to describe my happiness.Despite my all problems I missed the gold medal with a small distance.But I am very happy because I have been working over six years for it.I am thankful to my parents and my coach because they are always showing my their support.Next step I will be get ready to the Olympic Games.And I want to follow my idol Veronica Campell-Brown`s footsteps.

Third - Tamiris DE LIZ, BRA
I practice running for six years. Nobody in my family is a sportsman so I started running because I really enjoy it and it is my passion.