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Barcelona 2012 - Flash Interviews - Women's Long Jump Final

I was in a good condition, but after the first jump I was in a shock for the next three rounds. The next step for me is Olympics, actually it is a bit intimidating because the capacity of this stadium is sixty five thousands and the Olympic stadium has eighty thousand people capacity. I understand that being an adult athlete will cost me a double of effort but I like hard work.I train in Liverpool.

Second - Lena MALKUS, GER
I knew before the last attempt that I will jump very far. Of course, in the first moment I was a little disappointed that I missed gold just for one centimeter. My legal personal best is 6,70 m. I am living in Muenster and started with athletics when I was ten years old, from the age of 13 or 14 years I concentrated on long jump.

Third - Jazmin SAWYERS, GBR
6.67metres, personal best and World Junior Leading result, I know I should be happy, but I am not happy until I am the best. I got the bronze medal but I am very disappointed because I felt that I am capable to win it. Katarina made really incredible performance. She was unbelievable. (Jazmin couldn't hide her tears).