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Baumann suspension to end in January 2002

Dieter Baumann eligible to compete early in 2002 after serving 2 year suspension
IAAF Release
5 December 2001 -  Monte-Carlo - The German athlete Dieter Baumann will be eligible to compete again early next year, once he has served a two-year suspension for a doping offence dating back to November 1999. 

An application on behalf of the athlete for early reinstatement from the IAAF’s ban (which had originally been imposed by the IAAF Arbitration Panel just prior to the Sydney Olympic Games last year) was rejected by the IAAF Council at its meeting in Monte Carlo last Monday, 26 November.

In doing so, the Council made it clear that it would not tolerate athletes challenging arbitration decisions by pursuing litigation through national courts. 

An ad-hoc panel (composed of the IAAF President, Lamine Diack, the IAAF Senior Vice-President, Arne Ljungqvist, and the IAAF General Secretary, Istvan Gyulai) was also appointed by the Council to consider the renewal of Baumann’s ban for a 2-year period from February 2001 as a result of the athlete having competed whilst ineligible in the German Indoor Championships earlier this year.

The panel, which met in Monte Carlo following the Council meeting, decided to waive renewal of the suspension beyond the original 2-year period of the Sydney ban. Baumann’s ban will therefore expire on 21 January 2002.