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Belarussia selects team for Cheboksary

Nesvizh, BelarussiaThe Belarus National Race Walking Championships took place on Saturday 5 April in Nesvizh, which is situated in the Minsk region of Belarussia.

The men’s 20km was won by Ivan Trotskiy in 1:20.42, while the women’s title at the same distance was won by Sniazhana Yurchanka in 1:33.52.

The competitions took place in ancient Nesvizh, near the Town Hall. The city is located 100 km from Minsk.

Trotskiy and Siarhei Charnou broke away from the main group at 8km. Four kilometres later and Trotskiy proved to be too strong who went out alone. Charnou slowed and was caught up with Andrei Talashka and then also Aliaksandr Kuzmin.

There was no stopping Trotskiy, and he became the champion, followed home by Talashka in 1:21:15, with Kuzmin talking third spot, 20 seconds further adrift.

“I am happy with myself,” said the victor. “The distance is hard enough and this course has steep slopes and so it is difficult to show top results on it. My opponents tried to challenge in the first half but after 10km I accelerated away. At the World Cup in Cheboksary I will try to get into the top-ten.”
From the start of the women’s race two walkers, Sniazhana Yurchanka and Zhanna Halaunia, broke away but during the second half of the race Yurchanka established a lead on her compatriot with Halaunia coming second nearly a minute behind. Third was taken by Anna Drabenya, who was another three minutes behind.

Following the championship the national team was selected for the 23rd IAAF World Race Walking Cup, Cheboksary, Russia, 10/11 May 2008.

Mikhail Dubitski for the IAAF

Cheboksary squad


Ivan Trotskiy, AndreiTalashka, Aliaksandr Kuzmin, Siarhei Charnou, Dzianis Simanovich

Andrei Stepanchuk, Vitaliy Talankou, Aliaksandr Kazakou, Alexey Litvinchuk, Yury Varanchuk


Rita Turava, Elena Ginko, Sniazhana Yurchanka, Zhanna Halaunia, Anna Drabenya


Men’s 10 km
Dzmitry Dziubin, Alexander Lyakhovich, Sergey Shevchyuk

Women’s 10 km
Nadzeya Darazhuk, Tatyana Stefanenko, Elena Verbilo

National Champs - Top three results


1. Ivan Trotskiy – 1:20:42
2. Andrei Talashka – 1:21:15
3. Aliaksandr Kuzmin – 1:21:35

1. Sniazhana Yurchanka – 1:33:52
2. Zhanna Halaunia – 1:34:51
3. Anna Drabenya – 1:37:59

35 km

1. Andrei Stepanchuk – 2:37:14
2. Vitaliy Talankou – 2:39:41
3. Aliaksandr Kazakou – 2:41:02

10 km

Junior Men
1. Dzmitry Dziubin – 42:37
2. Alexander Lyakhovich – 42:47
3. Vitaliy Shevchuk – 43:03

Junior Women
1. Nadzeya Darazhuk – 48:45
2. Tatyana Stefanenko – 49:29
3. Elena Verbilo – 49:48