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Borzakovskiy wins 400 metres in Russian Winter

Borzakovskiy wins 400 metres in Russian Winter
Nikolay Ivanov for the IAAF
31 January 2002 – Moscow - The Moscow international meeting “Russian winter” was marked by an outstanding women’s high jump. The season’s world leader, Marina Kuptsova (2.00) from Moscow was an easy winner with a clearance of 1.98. The runner-up with 1.95 was a newcomer Yelena Sivushenko, considered to be another potential leader of the Russian team.

“I stopped competition and did not try to jump higher because I want to keep my energy for the European indoor championships,” said Marina. “I ‘ll try to jump 2,00 –2,02 in Vienna to win the title. I am the best now in my country, as Olympic champion Yelena Yelesina lives now in Australia and it looks like she has finished with the jumps.”

Kuptsova says that now she has got much more stability in her results and easily jumps 1.94 in her everyday training. This level makes her very sure that she can reach 2.00 at any competition.

Meanwhile Yuriy Borzakovskiy ran the 400m in 47.44 without any problems. But after the competition he once again rejected the possibility that he had any desire to join the national team at the indoor competitions in Vienna and Glasgow. It looks like his prime task in the new year will be participating in meetings in Europe and may be at the World Cup if he is selected for the team.

“It is his own choice. We do not want to dictate to him what to do. We have enough good athletes in our team besides Borzakovskiy,” said chief coach Valeriy Kulichenko.

World champion Olga Yegorova also decided to miss the indoor championships. But her coach says that she will make an impressive indoor start in Stuttgart (3 February) and will then compete in Gent (10 February). Another world champion, triple jumper Tatiana Lebedeva has taken a rest because she is going to become a mother.

In the 60m hurdles, Yevgeniy Pechenkin marked a new Russian record with his time of 7.46, a season’s leading performance. Now he is aiming to improve his result with each competition.

“It is the first time that I begin the year with such a good result and it gives me hope for the first place in Vienna,” said Yevgeniy.

“Russian Winter” was financed by the Russian government, which is investing now great money in order to acieve leadership in world sport. The athletics federation has got all the support to provide athletes with non stop training in sports camps.

Leading results from “Russian Winter”

60 metres _ 1. Ilya Levin, Russia, 6.68 seconds. 2. Konstantin Rurak, Ukraine, 6.69. 3. Sergei Bychkov, Russia, 6.72.
400 _ 1. Yuri Borzakovskiy, Russia, 47.44. 2. Oleg Mashukov, Russia, 47.51. 3. Alexander Usov, Russia, 47.77.
800 _ 1. Dmitry Bogdanov, Russia, 1 minute, 48.45 seconds. 2. Ramil Aritkulov, Russia, 1:48.81. 3. Verner Bota, South Africa, 1:48.698.
1500 _ 1. Andrey Zadorozhny, Russia, 3:46.57. 2. Ivan Geshko, Ukraine, 3:43.29. 3. Sergei Ivanov, Russia, 3:47.72.
3000 _ 1. Roman Usov, Russia, 8:08.02. 2. Pavel Potapovich, Russia, 8:08.37. 3. Sergei Yemelyanov, Russia, 8:08.45.
60 hurdles _ 1. Yevgeny Pechenkin, Russia, 7.46. 2. Stanislav Olijar, Latvia, 7,68. 3. Andrei Kislykh, Russia, 7.76.
Pole vault _ 1. Vasiliy Gorshkov, Russia, 5.55 metres. 2. Yuri Yeliseyev, Russia, 5.40. 3. Artem Kuptsov, Russia, 5.30.
Long jump _ 1. Dmitry Karpov, Kazakstan, 7.88 metres. 2. Danil Burkenya, Russia, 7.85. 3. Vitaly Shkurlatov, Russia, 7.79.
High jump _ Pavel Fomenko, Russia, 2.28. 2. Yaroslav Rybakov, Russia, 2.24. 3. (tie) Alexei Kravtsov, Russia, and Mikhail Tsvetkov, Russia, 2.15.

60 metres _ 1. Marina Kislova, Russia, 7.23 seconds. 2. Larisa Kruglova, Russia, 7.24. 3. Yulia Tabakova, Russia, 7.33.
200 _ Natalya Safronnikova, Russia, 23.96. 2. Olga Khalandyreva, Russia, 24.59. 3. Tatyana  Tkalich, Ukraine, 24.65.
400 _ 1. Natalya Antiukh, Russia, 52.11. 2. Yulia Nosova, Russia, 52.25. 3. Natalya Ivanova, Russia, 52.64.
800 _ 1. Svetlana Cherkasova, Russia, 2 minutes, 02.46 seconds. 2. Oksana Zbrozek, Russia, 2:04.09. 3. Yekaterina Fedorova, Russia, 2:04.47.
1500 _ 1. Yekaterina Puzanova, Russia, 4:14.27. 2. Oksana Belyakova, Russia, 4:15.19. 3. Natalia Yevdokimova, Russia, 4:18.84.
60 hurdles _ 1. Svetlana Laukhova, Russia, 8.02 seconds. 2. Irina Lenskaya, Israel, 8.07. 3. Tatiana Pavliyi, Russia, 8.20.
Long jump _ 1. Tatyana Ter-Mesrobyan, Russia, 6.57 seconds. 2. Irina Melnikova, Russia, 6.47. 3. Anastasia Ilyina, Russia, 6.47.
High jump _ 1. Marina Kuptsova, Russia, 1.98. 2. Yelena Sivushenko, Russia, 1.95. 3. Olga Kaliturina, Russia, 1.92.