Juan Ignacio Cerra wins his ninth South American Hammer Throw title in Buenos Aires (Eduardo Biscayart) © Copyright
General News 4 June 2011 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cerra wins ninth Hammer Throw title in Buenos Aires – South American Champs Day 2

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Argentinean hammer thrower Juan Ignacio Cerra highlighted the second day (3) of the South American Championships by obtaining his ninth title at this competition with a seasonal best performance of 72.12m.

The 34-year-old from Santa Fe, undefeated at the championships since his first victory (and participation) in Mar del Plata 1997, became the athlete with most individual victories at a single event, surpassing Chilean Gert Weil, who had eight victories in the Shot Put (1979-1995).

With the threat of Brazilian Wágner Domingos, who was the best South American hammer thrower of 2010 (NR of 71.84m, Novo Mesto, 29 June), Cerra had a very consistent series of throws: 70.86m, 71.59m, 71.61m, 72.12m, 71.07m, and 71.26m. Domingos also had a good day, and was second with 70.65m, while 21-year-old Brazilian Allan Wolski was third with 66.85m. It was the first time that two different throwers reached 70m in the history of the “Sudamericano”.

On a cold but sunny day, the best performance was produced by Brazilian Luíz Alberto de Araújo, who won the Decathlon with a PB and Championship record of 7944 points. De Araújo, a finalist in the 2006 World Junior Championships and winner of the “2010 Campeonato Iberoamericano”, based his strong second day on a PB in the Discus Throw (45.97m), his second of the event, after the 1.97m he had obtained in the High Jump. His 7944 mark moved him to the fourth place on the South American all-time lists.

Colombia continued to display good performances, and posted two victories on Friday, by Norma González and Rosibel García. González, a medallist at both World Youth and World Junior Championships, won the 400m in 52.12. The 28-year-old González repeated the title she had won in Lima 2009. Her compatriot, 21-year-old Yennifer Padilla, was second with 52.55, her best performance at sea level.

García won the 1500m for her fourth time, equaling the record of victories in the event set by Chilean Alejandra Ramos between 1977 and 1985. García’s time was 4:22.18.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

Leading Results

47th South American Championships

Day 2 – 3 June 2011

Men -


1. Kléberson Davide BRA 46.74

2. Geiner Mosquera COL 47.19

3. Luís Eduardo Ambrósio BRA 47.57


1. Leandro Prates Oliveira BRA 3:45.55

2. Hudson de Souza BRA 3:46.35

3. Federico Bruno ARG 3:47.81

400m hurdles:

1. Andrés Silva URU 49.94

2. Mahau Suguimati BRA 51.11

3. Víctor Solarte VEN 51.13

High Jump:

1. Diego Ferrín ECU 2.23

2. Guilherme Cobbo ARG 2.20

3. Carlos Layoy ARG 2.20

Hammer Throw:

1. Juan Ignacio Cerra ARG 72.12

2. Wágner Domingos BRA 70.65

3. Allan Wolski BRA 66.85


1. Luiz Alberto de Araújo BRA 7944 CR

10.84/0.1 7.15/0.2 14.14 1.97 PB 49.08 (4118)

14.52/-1.8 45.97 PB 4.60 52.85 4:35.31

2. Germán Gastaldi ARG 7545

10.98 7.38/0.2 14.29 1.97 50.73 (4073)

15/59 42.68 4.30 54.74 4:51.17

3. Georni Jaramillo VEN 7051

11.03 6.76/0.3 14.21 1.79 49.17 (3824)

14.87 39.45 3.70 50.71 4:57.39

Women -


1. Norma González COL 52.12

2. Yennifer Padilla COL 52.55

3. Geisa Coutinho BRA 52.84


1. Rosibel García COL 4:22.18

2. Tatiele de Carvalho BRA 4:22.94

3. Sandra Amarillo ARG 4:23.94

400m hurdles:

1. Jaílma de Lima BRA 57.13

2. Princesa Oliveros COL 58.07

3. Deborah Rodríguez URU 58.63

High Jump:

1. Marielys Rojas VEN 1.80

2. Betsabé Páez ARG 1.77

3. Aline Santos BRA 1.77