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Defar confirms Prague appearance but still undecided which record to go for...

PragueEthiopia’s 2007 World Athlete of the Year Meseret Defar travelled from Stuttgart on Sunday to Prague to be the guest of honour at Monday’s press briefing connected to the new Indoor Meet to be held on 26 February.

Defar is the latest star signed to the inaugural edition of the Czech meeting after the likes of Yelena Isinbayeva, Blanka Vlasic and Dayron Robles.

But the set-up was very special. Defar met with the press on the brand new 200m track in the 02 arena just installed since Friday. It was the first and last instalment of the track before the meet itself.

Now in 48 hours it will be removed into 1200 pieces and then repositioned in just 48 hours on 23 February!

Defar was also the first runner on the track as she jogged two laps in front of the media. Her starter was also prominent, in the person of meet director Jan Zelezny.

“It is a beautiful hall, I never saw such a big hall,” said Defar.

Defar is scheduled to run a 5000m in Stockholm on 18 February and then in Prague. Her event is not decided yet.

“I want to break a World record in Prague and will see the distance after Stockholm, but maybe also earlier. It will be either two miles or 2000m,” she was quoted.

Alfons Juck for the IAAF