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Doping Rule Violation

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has been informed by Fédération Royal Marocaine d’Athlétisme (FRMA) that the male athlete, Aïssa DGHOUGHI, has been found guilty of the following doping violation under IAAF Rules:

Refusal to submit to doping control (IAAF Rule 32.2c)

This doping violation relates to an IAAF out-of-competition doping control mission on 28-29.07.06 in St Moritz, Switzerland.
In conformity with the IAAF Rules, FRMA has imposed the following sanction for a first violation:

• 3 years ineligibility (28.12.06 – 27.12.09)
• Disqualification of all results from 28.07.06

This information has been added to the 2006 List of Anti-doping Rule Violations which can be found on the IAAF website in the anti-doping statistics section.
Note: Under the IAAF Rules, athletes sanctioned for a doping violation have the right to appeal this decision to the relevant appeals body.

“The IAAF is committed to protecting the sport of athletics from the threat of doping.  Each year the IAAF spends more than 2.5 million dollars on this ongoing battle and coordinates approximately 3,000 doping controls.  All IAAF out-of-competition tests are conducted on a strictly no-advance-notice basis.