Krzysztof Brzozowski of Poland celebrates winning the boys shot put final at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore (XINHUA/ SYOGOC-Pool/ Liao Yujie) © Copyright
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European Athletics Young Leaders Community - EUROPE

European Athletics launched a new social media platform to connect Athletics supporters and participants. In the spirit of the World Plan, this innovative communications tool will help connect the young European Athletics community; we hope you are inspired as much as we are.

The European Athletics Young Leaders Community is a unique space for active young people who are interested in Athletics, developing skills, getting involved in community service and making new friends. It is driven by the ideas and input from its members with support from European Athletics, UNESCO and the National Athletics Federations in the 50 countries of Europe.

European Athletics aims to use modern communications and social network tools to encourage activity that helps promote Athletics, local community service and helps prepare the sport’s next generation of leaders.

The main forms of activity are volunteer work for organisations with the sport and projects designed and implemented by members with support from community partners.

Joining the community allows you to create a free profile and find support for Athletics-related volunteer work and projects. Users can upload information, photos and videos.

Participants are eligible for recognition of their efforts that will help them advance in their education and future employment. There are also outstanding achievements awards that will be issued.

By being a part of an online social network, users can develop friendships, exchange ideas and collaborate with people from around Europe. Users can even attend live gatherings where community members can meet in person, learn from each other and participate in leadership training.

This is a great example of how multimedia has been used to increase the communication between supporters of Athletics. How has your organisation implemented new technologies to meet the needs of fans and supporters? If you want to share some of your own experiences please contact us at with a short summary, and a member of our editorial team will contact you. Together, we can share in the spirit of the Athletics’ World Plan.