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European Cup facts and figures

By Steven Downes (Reuters)

18 June 1999 – Paris, France - The 20th European Cup final, for the Bruno Zauli trophy, is to be staged at the Stade de Charlety on Saturday and Sunday.

First staged in 1965, and originally held every two years, the European Cup has been an annual fixture since 1993. It is the first time the European Cup final has been staged in the French capital.

The separate men's and women's competitions are based on one athlete per nation for each individual event, with eight points awarded for first place, down to one for eighth-placed finishers.

Britain are seeking to win the men's trophy for the third successive year, while Russia are favourites to win the women's trophy for the fifth time in seven years. Germany are expected to pose the strongest challenge in both competitions.

Timetable (all times GMT)

Day One – Saturday 19 June
1205 Hammer (M); Shot (M)
1315 Pole vault (W); Triple jump (W); Discus (W)
1320 400m Hurdles (M); High jump (M)
1330 400m Hurdles (W)
1340 100m (M)
1350 100m (W)
1400 800m (W)
1410 1500m (M)
1420 400m (W)
1430 5,000m (M); Long jump (M); Javelin (W)
1450 400m (M)
1500 3,000m (W)
1515 4x100m relay (W)
1525 4x100m relay (M)

Day Two – Sunday 20 June
1140 Hammer (W); Shot (W)
1230 Pole vault (M); Triple jump (M); High jump (W)
1250 Discus (M)
1320 110m Hurdles (M)
1330 800m (M)
1340 1500m (W)
1355 3,000m steeplechase (M)
1410 100m Hurdles (W); Javelin (M); Long jump (W)
1420 200m (W)
1430 200m (M)
1440 3,000m (M)
1450 5,000m (W)
1510 4x400m relay (W)
1520 4x400m relay (M)

Men: Britain (holders), Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Russia.
Women: Russia (holders), Czech Republic, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Romania.

Team scores from 19th European Cup, staged in St Petersburg, Russia, June 27-28 1998:
Men: 1. Britain 111 points; 2. Germany 108.5; 3. Russia 102; 4. Italy 101; 5. France 89.5; 6. Czech Republic 87; 7. Spain 67.5; 8. Finland 52.5 (Spain and Finland relegated for 1999).
Women: 1. Russia 124 points; 2. Germany 108; 3. France 93; 4. Czech Republic 89; 5. Briatain 81; 6. Italy 78; 7. Ukraine 64; 8. Slovenia 45 (Ukraine and Slovenia relegated).