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Usain Bolt: If I am getting used to win? Oh, you cannot get used to win. The relay was really very much fun. It is always more fun than to run alone. Winning three gold medals in Berlin is wonderful, I am proud of myself. Berlino? Yes, we are great friends. We exchanged numbers... I am just kidding (laughs). No WR? Well, it is a little bit my fault. I was a little bit tired.
Asafa Powell: Whether it was Usain's fault? Yes, it is all Usain's fault (laughs). This guy gives you confidence. Just to be on a team with him... (laughs).
Usain Bolt: If I am the saviour of athletics? I do not know. For me it is not hard to do what I did because I am just trying to be myself. And it is fun! If I think that I am already a legend? I do not think so. Year after year, I have to become champion and champion again. To the Manchester United team: Thank you guys for winning! The major of Berlin will give me tomorrow a piece of the Berlin wall. I do not yet know what I am going to do with it. I thought it was a small piece. I did not know it was going to be so big!

Marc Burns - I just came here to get chemistry with the guys. We are now the third team in history behind Jamaica and the United States. Thank God, we passed the stick along.
Richard Thompson - Darrell got out very well and it kept fluent from then. We are very satisfied with the national record. It's a great accomplishment. When you've the speed, it all comes down to the exchange.

S. Williamson - It is a big honour for us to represent our country and to do our best. It is just amazing. I am so thankful.
M.Devonish - I tried to keep the pace in my third leg with Usain Bolt but I could have been a little bit closer. But I am very happy and this medal means a lot for me. It was a wonderful race and we trained so hard for it. Thanks to the USA's disqualification it was maybe even more exciting. I wanted to be a part of it.