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First - Maryam Yusuf JAMAL, BRN

It was a little cold and the track is difficult to run on. When it's wet, your legs feel heavy. My strategy was to attempt to follow whoever led, because if you're in the middle, there's a risk of falling, or of having a collision.
The Spanish women and the Americans are not easy to beat. Gelete is also a strong athlete.
I've been training in Switzerland, in St. Moritz.

[On the men's 1500m victory by fellow Bahraini Yusuf Saad Kamel, who is coached by her husband and coach.]:

I'm happy he won. His coach is my trainer too. I hope I can emulate him. My husband started training me in 2002 along with another coach, but now he does 100% of my coaching.

Just to be there is a great achievement. In the past, making the final was a bonus. Now, it is expected and it is also important for funding. Yes, I'd like to think I'm in the kind of shape to be chasing for a medal.

I had more difficult races this season and I did not expect to take the lead. But I was safe and I did not get caught up. Maybe before the competition I felt some kind of pressure but we made it into the final, so it is a big relax and we can have fun now. The other competitors raised a bar for the others, so it is pushing us to do better. I am ready for this event.