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First - Robert HARTING, GER

I did not have my body under control and my legs were shaking. I qualified with the first throw but technically it was not one of my best ones. I am pending between the extemes, between extreme feelings: One hour ago I was high and felt great and now I did not get things together. Gerd Kanter said that for him I am not one of the medal candidates? Well, that is an extra motivation for me! I am trying to kind of 'save' my throwing arm and bandaged it. In daily life I tried not to use too much in the last two weeks. I even talk to my hand. I have not seen my girlfried for two weeks, so there was nothing to touch (laughs).

I had some kind of easy throws today. I am happy that after the qualification I can save the energy fot he final. It is going to be very interesting competition because Alekna and Harting are in very good shape. It seems to me that the first three positions are already decided, we only do not know which medals. I do not feel big pressure becasue at the Olmypics it was much harder. Personally, I would be happy to make a new CR and to throw around 70.50m.

Personally, I liked the competition even if it was little bit windy and it was harder to keep the direction of the discus. I think it is going to be the final of finals. I wish I would be able to reach the level of 67 m because I am doing very well this season. I feel relaxed and I like the atmosphere here. I have already competed at the stadium in 2004 ISAT meeting, so I love it. It is hard to say who is going to be the best in the final because all the competitors are well prepared. Kanter constantly throws very far this season.