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Flash Interviews: 4x100 metres relay men heats - SUMMARY

Sandro VIANA: The four of us, we are always together - in the hotel, in the bus, in the restaurant, at the training. Our dream is to make a good race in the finals. Brazil has a tradition to be in the final at world championships and we are keeping this tradition. The last exchange did not work out so well.

Vicente de LIMA: As individuals we are not so fast, but together we are so strong. We train hard for the relay and the exchange of the batons. The gold medal is possible.

Asafa POWELL: We want to do the same thing in the final. I wanted the best lane for us so I won. It was new Jamaican record, so we want another one in the finals. Even world record is within the reach. I needed to shake my legs so I was running already in the heats. This year for first time we are training as a team. Everything went very good, for the moment I'm not sure what will be the composition in the finals. I think we will include Usain (Bolt).

Mark LEWIS-FRANCIS: There was no point in using all our energy. Today was just about making it safe after we failed to finish the last time we ran (in Crystal Palace). I'm confident in our team and in our team spirit.

Wallace SPEARMON: This is the new US relay - we do not have problems with the relay and exchange the baton without problems. If the Jamaicans say that they can beat the world record - OK. They can beat it, but they will still be only second in the final. Who will be in the relay? We will have to wait and see, it is a secret! Yes, I felt a little fatigued.

Darvis PATTON: Once we have Tyson Gay with us, we will beat the Jamaicans easily in the final. Now we just have to get a good rest.